Varsha Venkatesan

Varsha is a final-year Fashion Design and Textiles student who is passionate about the world of digital fashion. She is driven by the desire to rethink the sustainability of the fashion industry through the use of technology and innovation. She is here to enjoy the butterflies, enjoy being naive, and to enjoy the nerves and pressure. And to learn as much as she can in the process!

This collection explores the arts of yoga and meditation and it's significance in Hindu mythology. It also investigates the notions of the Sri Yantra and Mandala as symbolic representations of unmanifest power of the universe.

Mandalas are a representation of the individuality and a reflection of the Self. The project delves into sacred geometry and its applications in creating mandalas, and the study of cymatics to produce creative outcomes.

This collection is a digital fashion collection that can empower and inspire wearers to be whoever they wish to be, to experiment with their styles in the metaverse. It also aims to cut down on production and sampling wastes by first creating fashions in a digital space, which can then be replicated later as a physical twin when required.

The project questions the objectivity of reality by exploring the worlds of digital fashion in a future that is fluid.

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