Peer-Na-Da: Blooming dream

Kim Gyuri
Singapore/ Korea

As a fashion design student and womenswear designer, Kim Gyuri is interested in culture, art, history and fashion. These interests are reflected in her final year collection. In her work, she explores the rich and inspiring heritage of her home country Korea, infusing it with elements of the country’s contemporary culture. She skilfully interprets and incorporates the various inspirational elements in a unique and personal way to create the beautiful designs in her collection.

”Along with the world and surroundings transition, heritage and tradition always exist in our history."

Kim started this collection when the realization of the importance of her heritage awakened her identity. The collection’s name, Peer-Na-Da, means blooming in Korean. She has skilfully embedded elements of Korean heritage as it blooms, and its ‘re-birth,’ through the contemporary designs in her collection

In her collection, the straps are a design detail that serves as a bridge to connect the past to the present. The act of tying straps and layering garments allows the wearer to fully enjoy the designs from the Peer-Na-Da collection.

Gyuri expressed her Korean heritage which blooms through the contemporary designs in her collection.

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