Phantom Nostalgia

Hyesoo Im

As a designer, Hyesoo values experimentation and craftsmanship in her designs. This can be seen in her collection, Phantom Nostalgia, which aims to break the vicious cycles of the fashion industry. Her unique hand painting skills inform and impresses on us the preciousness of scarcity, and the treasured values of time-consuming techniques.

Phantom Nostalgia is a womenswear collection that combines art and modern Hanbok designs to express the emptiness of longing for the past, and enlightenment through it. The idea that the past was a better place is closely connected to our anxiety about the present and the future. We became unable to imagine or plan our future, leading to an endless stream of photographic flashbacks of happy moments from one’s recent past or childhood.

Emotions of longing for the past are inextricably tied to dreams and goals that we want to possess but are unable to do so. This is a ‘phantom’ and it is sometimes a contradictory situation. But this emotion can give us time to think and reflect on the wisdom of our ancestors, and be the key to exploring our roots, heritage, and history.

This collection conveys the message that we could be missing the present in our passionate longing for the past and the deep concerns over what the future holds. It is about the importance of looking in the present reality for one’s dream and goal and to not always long for the past, even if present goals seem to be just phantoms.

It is about wearable art, slow movement and Korean tradition

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