The Launch of BALUE: The Blue Sustainable Fashion Brand

Kyungsoo Bae

Kyungsoo Bae perceives clothing as a canvas for expression and enjoys bridging the gap between fashion and art. Her diverse skillset encompasses art direction, fashion design, and painting, which she uses to conceptualise impactful visuals. Beyond technical prowess, Kyungsoo endeavours to evoke emotions and inspire action through her work, establishing herself as a multifaceted creative force in the fashion world.

BALUE, a sustainable fashion brand established in 2024, celebrates the beauty of blue in art and fashion while advocating for marine conservation. The designer creates clothing using reused denim, drawing inspiration from coral shapes. As part of a marketing campaign, BALUE hosted a collaborative art-fashion exhibition. Local Singaporean artists, renowned for their ocean-themed paintings, displayed their work alongside the blue-hued fashion collection. This event solidified BALUE's dedication to the colour blue and its commitment to art, fashion, and sustainability.

BALUE: Where blue meets fashion, art, and sustainability. Embrace blue's beauty through innovative fashion, artistic expression, and eco-conscious practices.

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