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Tan Ting-Yi Rachel

Tan Ting-Yi Rachel, a creative based in Singapore with a background in fashion design and creative pattern cutting, draws inspiration from the diverse landscapes and architectural wonders around her. Her collections specialise in modular, transformable garments and aim to promote sustainability in fashion through innovative approaches.

SYLLABUS OF SOCIETY’s volume #001 [-38.67444, 143.78611] reimagines fashion through the lenses of landscape, topography, and architecture, merging soft brutalism with military precision.

The collection combines military uniform and tailoring elements, skillfully reimagined in unconventional ways to blur the lines between contrasting styles, seeking a harmonious balance between softness and brutalism.

Drawing inspiration from landscapes and architectural forms, the collection's silhouettes, fabric choices, and colour palette reflect the initial inspiration, resulting in a unique, almost avant-garde charm.

SYLLABUS OF SOCIETY introduces modular garments to counter fast fashion's environmental impact for a sustainable future.

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