Tropical Threads

Rynna Shazrina

Rynna Shazrina, a mixed-media textile designer, draws inspiration from her surroundings. She blends hand and digital embroidery, digital printing, silk screening, and laser cutting to innovate traditional textiles. Embracing upcycling, she transforms discarded materials into fresh, innovative pieces that reimagine contemporary fashion.

This collection celebrates nature by integrating its textures, shapes, and vibrant tropical colours into garments and textiles. Through postmodern design principles such as deconstruction and reconstruction, fabrics are reimagined and refined, utilising fabric and waste. Repurposing existing materials reduces the demand for new resources, thereby mitigating the environmental footprint linked with conventional fashion production. This collection embraces recycled and upcycled materials to inspire contemporary sustainable fashion practices.

Celebrating nature and honouring sustainability through textiles, including upcycled pineapple leaf fibre, recycled polyester, silk, and organic cotton.

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