Ni Siting

Ni Siting, a creative pattern-cutting student, explores 3-D silhouettes and draping techniques. Deeply interested in her Chinese heritage, she draws inspiration from her roots and shares cultural narratives through her designs. Chinese garments also contribute to her research in zero-waste pattern cutting to be sustainable.

"竹"(Bamboo) is a fashion collection that draws inspiration from the binding concept of ancient bamboo slips into scrolls, reimagining the knotted rope as a medium for creative draping techniques. Garments in this collection are influenced by traditional Chinese attire, emphasising minimal and zero-waste cutting techniques. Additionally, the collection explores a textile technique inspired by the traditional Chinese marbling technique known as 漂漆 (piào qī). This collection delves into the realm of new Chinese style by fusing traditional elements with modern street and sporty aesthetics, including feminine details like ribbons and pearls.

Reimagining heritage with a contemporary twist, seamlessly fusing the past with the present.

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