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Rebeka Margareth


Rebeka Margareth is a final year student of Fashion Design at Lasalle. She was born in Indonesia. Her approach to design is rooted in her birthplace and its culture. She is motivated to bring impact to the community around her using her works. She likes to learn about people and their behaviour. She believes that good design comes from a good understanding of the people.

Rebeka's style of design is based on effortlessly elegant design. Her works are mainly inspired by Indonesian culture and the behaviour of its people. She has an interest in unique and awkward cutouts. Rebeka likes to experiment with drapery. is a story about transformation. The idea came from the color of Black. Black is known to absorb all colours. The nature of the color black reflects the state that Rebeka Margareth experienced throughout the early COVID-19 pandemic. It was an overwhelming feelings that Margareth absorbed. aims to encapsulate the journey of self-reflection that Margareth has done to eventually grapples and accept her feelings. came from an overwhelming feeling that is eventually absorbed and instilled within oneself

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