Lim Su Hui

Lim Su Hui is a Singaporean final-year Fashion Design and Textiles student at Lasalle College of the Arts. She approaches design through the lens of natural heritage and explores zero-waste pattern cutting to minimise waste in the making. She is constantly challenging whatever is left and adapting to this constraint to address obsolete wastes produced during fashion production.

'Homeland' was initiated by reflecting on how the obsolescence in mass-produced garments has decimated the material culture of meaning and value. The project aims to support the symbiotic relationship between people and clothing through the lens of natural heritage. The collection is a poetic nod to nature and heritage landscapes built by those who came before us in the golden age of 14th-century Singapore, Fort Canning Hill. It expresses the transient feelings experienced commonly in our homeland into materiality, and silhouettes of historical dusted architecture and native plants.

The making of the collection explores zero-waste practices with interlocking geometric shapes.

A poetic nod to For Canning Hill’s nature and the heritage landscape that was built in the golden age of 14th-century Singapore. 

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