A Jester's Act

Denise Yeo (Miao)

Miao is a Singaporean fashion creative from Lasalle College of the Arts. With over 10 year’s experience and background in dance and performance, her works explore themes of surrealism and childlike serendipity, designs that seek to fill the space between fashion and costume. Her creative approach involves play and the symbolic breaking of rules.

Inspired by clowns, jesters, oddities and carnivalesque characters, Miao’s graduate collection is titled A Jester’s Act.

The collection is fuelled by the excess materialism held by the upper classes of society, and explores inequality in a rapidly changing world. Humor is brought into the conversation through the playful juxtaposition between light and dark themes, and realized through contrasting textures, materials, print and ornament.

Inspired by the role of the jester and three distinctive types of clowns in the circus, she divided her 6-look collection into 3 couple sets to represent each archetype - namely the Whiteface, Auguste, and the Tramp clown.

Introducing the idea of modularity through styling, the collection is realized through clothing-like accessories that can be worn interchangeably with different body parts.

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