Pham Hong Nhi

Pham Hong Nhi gained recognition in Vietnam when her work was featured in a Gucci campaign. At Lasalle, she honed her skills and refined her design style. Inspired by "The Devil Wears Prada," she embarked on a career in fashion and remains determined to evolve as a contributor to the fashion industry.

The MAISON.MEUF project represents a new paradigm in sustainable fashion, merging innovative design with ethical craftsmanship. It promotes empowerment, authenticity, and individuality through a carefully curated range of premium clothing. MAISON.MEUF seeks to transform the fashion industry by fostering self-expression and conscious consumption. With a minimalist yet impactful aesthetic, it seamlessly combines sustainability with trendsetting fashion, empowering enthusiasts to express themselves authentically and with integrity.

MAISON.MEUF's debut collection explores love's intricacies with symbolic colours and carefully chosen pins, promoting emotional depth and genuine expression.

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